3 Reasons Email Marketing Still Matters To Freelance Writers

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3 Reasons Email Marketing Still Matters To Freelance Writers


Not a chance in the world that you’re going to market every thing you sell to every one on your list. They don’t all want it. They don’t all need it. They won’t all buy it. And they’re all going to look at the email now and then and wonder why the heck you sent them that message, but you know what they will notice? Your name. They’ll remember your name, and they’ll remember that they once bought something you sold, and loved it. Because you don’t sell junk. You sell only quality content, to your buyers.

Do you know what Jeff Herring, Bill Baren, Anik Singal, Pamela Bruner, Michael Cheney, and Sean Mize have in common? I bet even they can’t answer that, but I can… They all sent me emails within the last four hours. Will I open their emails? Yes. Of course, I will open their emails, and I’ll click on something in the message, or at least take note of what they’re offering me, because I have purchased from each of them over the past several years. Some of them, more than once.

Why am I telling you this? Because you need to listen up and pay attention! You need a list. You need an active mailing list. And you need to send messages to your list. Why? Because if you don’t send any emails, those people on the list will think you no longer exist, or have forgotten about them, or maybe you’re too busy to bother with them. But if they get an email from you – even a form letter marketing their product – they’ll know you thought of them on some level. They made a difference in your life, and you CAN make a difference in theirs.

Here are 3 incredibly good reasons why you need an email marketing list, and why that list still matters if you’re a freelance writer:

#1 – You have someone to send messages.

When you finish a new project and you want to share it with someone, if you don’t have a list, who do you share it with? Anyone? If you don’t have a list, the people you might share it with include your mom, your grandma, your Auntie Beth, and Belle the Choir Girl who doesn’t give a rats behind what you’re doing – really, other than it gives you something to talk about at Christmas Dinner. If you have a marketing list, you have people who want to know what you’re doing, already on your list, waiting – like a captive audience – to hear what you have to say. They want to know!

#2 – They’re on your list because they want to know what you offer.

When you have a list of people who double opted into your marketing list, they’re on the list because they wanted something you offered. They really have something in common with what you’re offering, and they want to know about your new ‘thing’ because it’s important to them. They’re interested in more of what you offer, and they already KNOW that you offer value to them, because they have something you’ve offered before.

I know… This is beginning to drone… Stay with me here!

#3 – They’ll buy something from you over the next four years.

I’ve been marketing online for most of the past 19 years, something. Either websites, or resumes (yeah, I wrote those professionally with an 87% hire ratio for 2 years), or information products about topics of interest to my market, including Freelance Writing. Building your list is important, because the average marketer will sell $1 per member, per month. Do the math. You’ll know how many people you’d like to have on your list!


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