4 Reasons for Hiring an HTML5 Developer

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4 Reasons for Hiring an HTML5 Developer


HTML5 is a Hyper Text Markup language which is the recent and an improved version of HTML standards that nurtures interoperable implementations and in depth processing models. With a profound way in which web development is conducted, HTML5 is an amazing technology that has kept pace with changing trends & norms. Today a user can connect to the internet, not just through his / her laptop or PC, but all via wireless devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. The escalating popularity of smartphones has surpassed the use of traditional desktops and PC's. Users these days prefer to connect to the internet through his / her smartphone all the time. They rather receive mails, news and updates on the phone than sit all day on the desktop to reply or get a message. Considering this apparent shift from one placed bulky devices to more portable and compact ones, HTML5 technology seamlessly fits the bill.As a much awaited and most talked about technology amongst the tech fraternity, here are some 4 major reasons why you should hire dedicated HTML5 developers .

1. HTML5 is the new calling: The future of HTML5 is extremely bright. With giant companies such as Apple extending outright support to HTML5, the developer community across the globe is quite excited about the prospects of this new technology. A number of websites have discarded Flash and have embraced HTML5 with great degree of grace and acceptance. Astounding features such as multimedia support without any plug-ins, offline & storage ability for web apps, interactivity and 3D Graphics and effects are some requirements of modern web browsers. HTLM5 is able to support all of these features, which has made it such a desirable platform.

2. HTML5 development is fast and affordable: One of the most endearing attribute of HTML5 development is the time involved in developing it. HTML5 profoundly limits the development time. Only paying attention to the latest browsers, while not holding on old ones, HTML5 developers can purely concentrate on developing elements that are appealing and good. Therefore, the development time is quite reduced.

3. HTML5 technology is with the time: HTML5 is a major breakthrough in the paradigm of internet. The present century is synonymous with digital revolution. For an internet driven ecosystem, entrepreneurs as well as users require recent and updated information related to business, politics and world. Companies can resort to hire dedicated HTML5 developers to create highly interactive web portals and content management systems. A CMS driven website is very much in demand today, for there is a constant demand for updated news and information from the users as well as business end.

4. HTML5 supports multichannel publishing: According to an independent industry prediction, the sale and purchase of smartphones and tablet computers will be much ahead to that of traditional desktop and laptops by the year 2013. One of the major attribute of the current day smartphone is the multi-channel publishing where in a single content piece can be simultaneously posted across different social media and professional networks. Currently HTML5 has the capabilities for facilitating this as it simplifies the display of web content in various formats. So, in order to incorporate this feature, it is important to hire dedicated HTML5 developers.


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