About Permission Based Email Marketing

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About Permission Based Email Marketing


What is Permission Based Email Marketing?

In brief permission based email marketing (PBEM) is similar to opt-in lists where the recipient has officially requested information to be e-mailed. In most case, this information can be a newsletter, specific reports, paid reports, or any other information that which the client has request to be e-mailed. The idea of PBEM is to achieve prominent and active readership. The laws are getting more strict, preventing both clients, and businesses from being contacted via e-mail.

Is Permission Based Email Marketing Different Than Regular E-mail Marketing?

In PBEM the client specifically requests the information that is being sent to them. The difference results in an actual live audience or readership of content. While there may not be any real way to determine if the content is being read. The hurdle of having live readership or an audience has been alleviated. In e-mail marketing the content is as much a product like any other product that can be purchased. The treatment of e-mail has changed in scope as readers or recipients are now requesting relative content.

The Next Generation of Content Delivery is PBEM.

E-mail still heads the list when compared to the requested types of content delivery. Customers and clients are seemingly not against the receipt of e-mail, but rather are protective of their e-mail addresses. Neither clients, nor customers want unsolicited content deliberately arriving in their mailboxes. PBEM is a business practice that has picked-up speed in the e-mail marketing arena. Businesses are able to offer to clients, and customers an array of content choices that are relevant without the fear have receiving “no” as an answer.

What Does the PBEM Option Look Like?

Many e-mail content readers do not know what PBEM resembles when seen. PBEM is either an option or option list that asks whether you (the reader) would like additional content to be sent (e-mailed) to you. The set of options may resemble the question while presenting a list similar to the example below:

Would you like to be notified of updates?

Would you like to be subscribed to our other newsletters?

* Your Money

* Making A Better Living

* Giving It Your All

* No additional newsletters

With above information given, the reader should now have a better understanding of permission based email marketing (PBEM) along with the concepts, and goals that companies, and businesses are achieving with e-mail marketing.


Source by Vincent J. Valentine

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