Aspects of Web Design

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Aspects of Web Design


Web designing is probably the most widely employed designing around the world! Every recognized body, every association, almost every actor has a website. As of 2009, there are more than 233 million websites. Every site has numerous web pages! What is the total number of web pages? You do the maths! Statistics say that if you click on a webpage each second of the day, it would take us 99 years to complete the internet. Add to that the thousands of pages getting created each day! Staggering numbers aren’t they?

So imagine you are an owner of a website! How can you make your web site stand out among the multitudes of websites available online? What aspects make a professional website? What makes it special? What makes it different from the masses of websites on the internet created by amateurs?

Firstly the most important aspect is the appearance of the website. When we speak of appearance it mostly involves two things.

One is color combination. Too many colors make the website unattractive. Also websites can be browsed by people with eyesight impairments; too many colors can be a strain on their eyes. Professional designers usually go with 3 main colors and their various shades. Also the color combination should be done in a way that main content of the webpage stands out and is readable. In most cases the background and the text are in contrasting colors, allowing a person to easily read the text on the web page. After all the reason you create a website is that people read it! For example the popular website Yahoo uses white for background, purple for logo and black for text. While the coloring of the website is simple and attractive the text on the web page stands out and can be easily read without strain.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the images or the graphics on the webpage must be closely related to the content of the webpage. Pictures which are out of context can mislead the user and that is something no professional website owner would like. Also it is something that would reflect badly on the web designers.

The other is navigation. Navigation means – your guide to move from one place to another, in this case it refers to the links on your webpage to move through your website! Navigation needs to be simple, links must stand out on your webpage and it must not take more than 3-4 links for a person to reach a destination. Most commonly one page called the home page has the links to almost all parts of the content on a website. This makes the navigation much easier. Let’s consider the same example again. Yahoo’s homepage has the links to all the content on the website – mail, games, messenger, movies, music and so on.

In other words the difference between a professional web designer and an amateur is that a professional web designer keeps it simple and easy.


Source by Aya Wilkinson

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