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Are We Moving Towards Service-Oriented Software Engineering?

[ad_1] The digitally disrupted and the technology-driven world calls for quicker solutions that don't compromise on quality. For organisations, software engineering services that come with the requisite agility, proven methodologies, and thoroughness are required for reduced turnaround time and better ROI. It is time to adopt the service-oriented software engineering services in order to get…
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Outsourcing Software Development – Is It a Choice for You?

[ad_1] There are lots of reasons why people do not really consider outsourcing as an option and probably number one on their list is the thought that they are going to lose control over a project or that they are going to somehow lose security in some way over work done with their client. They…
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Tips to Enhance the Android App Development Process

[ad_1] The smartphone revolution has taken the global market by storm. Its immediate impact is also the outburst of e-commerce. The dedicated efforts of the businesses are evident for providing a better user experience to the customers through mobile apps. When we encounter a dialogue about smartphones, Android is by and large, the one cohesive…
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Significance of Software Development Life Cycle

[ad_1] Offshore software development is becoming more sophisticated and technically sound as more experts are opting for it. Emerging markets for offshore services are creating quite a buzz as it is maturing and handling projects that were not possible before. The higher productivity gain is a major factor determining the growth of this industry. An…
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