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Best Ecommerce System Solution


As an online business owner, you are faced with many decisions, the most important of which may be which ecommerce system to use. Today, there are many companies that specialize in ecommerce, and it is up to you as the business owner to pick the company that fits best for your particular needs. One of the best ecommerce systems is Volusion, though many other specially designed eCommerce platforms such as OSCommerce, Magento, Storefront, Zen Cart, Pinnacle Cart, X-cart and Netsuite are alternatives. Some eCommerce solutions are free, open-source platforms, while others can be quite costly.

Volusion stands out from the crowd because of the many features they offer as a part of their stable solution with hundreds of functionalities. Their range of features and available options offer website owners the ability to tightly control all aspects of their online business. Some of the main features to look for in an eCommerce solution should be the following:

  1. Site Management / User-Friendliness: The eCommerce platform should offer clients the ability to control all of their online sites and stores from a simple user interface. This interface should be customizable, allowing clients to view the information they want to view, not just a standard set of tools. It should also be easy to manage and operate.
  2. SEO Friendly: There are many elements that an ecommerce system should have including but not limited to a dynamic XML sitemap, seo-friendly URLs, customizable page titles and descriptions, Multilanguage, easy import/export functionality and etc. Luckily, Volusion includes all of these elements.
  3. Stability: Most webmasters will go for the open-source (mostly free) Ecommerce solutions such as Oscommerce and Magento. However, the more custom a script is, the more unstable it will get. The reliability of an ecommerce solution without any errors while the users are shopping is essential. Therefore, Volusion here again carries the ball and addresses this issue with a very stable shopping cart and administrative system.

The best eCommerce platforms offer superior tools, such as a real-time dashboard. They offer a wealth of information in their reporting dashboard. This allows clients to easily track their potential customers. Volusion even allows you to view un-purchased shopping carts, making troubleshooting your product line a breeze. The advertising tools and promotional function of Volusion makes it easy to offer coupons and promotions to your client base. The tools offered really make a difference in your client base and how easy it is to convert customers.

Picking the best ecommerce system doesn’t have to be troubling. A quick stop at popular ecommerce websites to review their standard features and pricing modules may be all it takes to convince you. If you need a little more ‘nudging,’ there is plenty of information available about the level of customer satisfaction with the various eCommerce solutions available. If you need assistance in selecting an ecommerce solution, Contact us, we can help. You can call us at 1-800-736-9618. We can help!


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