Build Solid Ecommerce Applications Using Open Source

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Build Solid Ecommerce Applications Using Open Source


To be successful and to stay competitive in the ever changing business world, a business should be able to adapt modern changes that should be applied. E Commerce has been proven to be an effective way to help your business to achieve these goals. With proper marketing strategy and building a solid E Commerce application, these can be all possible.

Web site plays a vital role in business. However, website should be meeting the business need. There are many ways to manage your web site. From simple Web log (blog) engine system that allows limited publishing content to a full content management system framework to application framework, on which you can build your own custom content management system.

Using an Open Source Content Management Solution can help you build a solid E Commerce Application. It is an easy to use solution that allows an individual to easily create, publish and manage and organize a great variety of content on your Web site. It will give you frameworks which are well written, robust and extensible.

Choosing the best Open Source Solution in building E Commerce should be a very wise decision to make. It should be easy for you and to anyone to adopt in the solution. Below are some vital features of an Open Source solution that you need to consider:

"Friendly URLs using Apache's mod_rewrite capability
"Easily extensible using module framework (The community has developed many useful modules that provide functions such as taxonomy display, jabber authentication, private messages, bookmarks, and so on.)
"A personalization environment for individualized content and presentation based on user preferences
"Role-based permission system to define access to the viewing and editing of content
"Content is fully indexed to support search
"Support for other content forms such as polls, threaded comments, and discussions and content syndication
"Separation of content from styling in a templating system that uses HTML, CSS, and PHP
"Administrative support for logging, analysis, and Web-based administration
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