Axtella uses Instacoin to process it’s debit and credit card deposits. Instacoins is an award-wining regulated payment processor that offers a service of buying Bitcoin (BTC) via credit or debit card. When you proceed to Instacoins using the link below, we will pre-fill your deposit amount and the BTC wallet address where to send funds to. This means that when you complete your Instacoins transaction, the funds will be automatically sent directly to Axtella and credited to your account.
First-time users will have to register with Instacoins witch takes 5-10 minutes however returning account holders can deposit within a matter of seconds.

How To Deposit Via Instacoins

  • Click on the “Process to Instacoins to make a deposit” to
  • Fill your Personal details and click “Create an account”
  • Click “Pay $xxx Now”
  • Enter your debit/credit card details
  • If successful and it is your first deposit, you will be required to upload a copy of your POI document (Driving License or Passport) within 48 hours
  • If your total deposit amount is higher than 2,000. You will be required to upload your POA (Utility bill, bank statement, etc)

Note: If you are having difficulties with Instacoins, Please contact their live Chat

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