Create a Website Using a Free CMS

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Create a Website Using a Free CMS


Many freelancers, artists, modern painters, musical groups etc, use Flash technology with the aim of making web sites with a higher impact, in order to show better their professional activities (like info events, media contents like mp3, video and much more).

Images and sounds in some art’s expressions are the best way of communication to got users involved.

All users starting web activity take care of an important issue: the costly price of doing works in Flash, with various media contents. For flash contents, the best solution available at the moment is a free CMS that lets you manage and create any work by an easy and intuitive way. Unfortunately in the world of Flash CMS there isn’t a big window of opportunities.

Stirring a new wave into the market of free website makers, a free software was born on March 2010 and immediately got my attention for its intuitivity. Now, its new updates and latest features are much more than a try, but a Flash CMS that grows every day, in every way.

The multiple characteristics of this application are useful in a wide range of purposes and in order to understand better the features of this new platform, here below is a short overview.

  • You can create unlimited websites with unlimited number of pages, without design restrictions.
  • You can view instantly your flash content in a third level web URL provided by the CMS or, you can embed the HTML code in your personal website or blog and put your flash graphic creations in your HTML pages.
  • You can add with a simple drag and drop interface: video galleries, photo galleries, mail forms, shapes, texts with over 50 font types for content formatting, over 5000 vectorial cliparts, uploaded images, swf and many other web formats.
  • You can set mouse and stage behaviours by editing options in a simple panel.
  • You can also create any type of effects on a determinate action (e.g. when the mouse touches an object or clicks it, or when an object enters the scene).
  • The effects you create have no presets, so you can add, remove and merge any effect and create custom Flash animations.
  • You can watch the video guides of this CMS on the its YouTube channel in HD.

As you can see this software has a lot of features and several other firsts to its credit. The last but not the least is a very fast and operative forum support, updated every day, helping to solve any kind of web design issues.

So that’s all.


Source by Erik Tower

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