CRM Benefits Include Boost of Confidence

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CRM Benefits Include Boost of Confidence


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is about systems designed to better manage your contacts. It is usual to quote CRM benefits of efficiency and accuracy of record keeping and better reporting, so it is good to hear of a very different benefit, namely boosting of confidence.

This particular study comes from David Jefferson, an expert on CRM solutions and implementation. He has a wealth of experience over many years of implementing CRM systems within businesses and organisations of all sizes.

This case study involves a business selling primarily technical and engineering project solutions. Within 3 months of the completion of their implementation project the business closed a deal that they had not felt confident about getting. They were up against an equally well resourced opponent, but they won.

They had a procedure of building their understanding of their position in the market place and always had a proper review of successes and failures. They asked the customer why they had been chosen in preference to their rival. The answer was simple. ‘We chose you because you are more professional’. This gave the team cause to reflect. What did the customer mean when he used the word ‘professional’? They felt that both companies by any measure were professional and competent to carry out the work.

After interviewing the customer staff again, the business established how the assessments of professionalism were being made. Customer staff confirmed that they saw both contenders as capable of doing the job, but whenever they contacted our client the person they spoke to knew what was going on in the account and there was an instant response to queries. The unsuccessful contender for the contract was always slow in responding and the customer felt that this reflected an unprofessional handling of project files and correspondence. Having the relationship documents immediately available on the screen in their Maximizer CRM system had enabled them to project greater customer care, interest and professionalism.

So a boost in confidence provided by a CRM system was a key contributing factor in gaining a new account. This is a very hard to measure factor but one of those benefits of CRM systems that are apparent after an investment has been made.


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