Effective Way to Hire Offshore ASP Dot NET Developer and Their Talent

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Effective Way to Hire Offshore ASP Dot NET Developer and Their Talent


ASP.NET is a powerful framework developed by Microsoft to build dynamic websites, web services and web applications. ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) that allows the developer and its users to write ASP.NET code using any supported.NET language. This application can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Below listed are the main features of the ASP.NET application:

— Easy Programming Model

— Data access

— Database connectivity

— Web Application

–.NET Development

— Network Communications

— Flexible Language Options

— Great Tool Support

— Rich Class Framework

— Compiled execution

— Rich output caching

— Web-Farm Session State

— Enhanced Reliability

— Memory Leak, Deadlock and Crash Protection

— Easy Deployment

— Dynamic update of running application

— Easy Migration Path

— XML Web Services

— Mobile Web Device Support

— Cryptography

— Web parts to customize web pages

— Themes & Skins

Along with these feature knowledge, the ASP.NET developer also have a massive knowledge of SQL (MySQL and MS-SQL), Ajax, XML, HTML/CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, Payment Gateway Integration and Web services.

Following are the basic procedures for hiring ASP.NET developer:

— Developer Technical and Non-technical Skill set:

This includes total experience, education background, web development and database skills and process and methodologies.

— Setting Work Patter for developers:

This basically depends on the requirement of the project and client.

— Pricing

This is flexible and based on requirement. It is directly proportionate to time. Pricing based on time that is hourly, weekly, monthly and one time.

— Monitoring

1. After finalization on developer and scope of project, assigned developer can report within 24 working hours.

2. Monitor project of assigned ASP.Net developers.

3. Set proper time table for the all the required implementation.

4. Follow-ups with developer of development process for confirmation of project

staying on right way.

5. Interaction with developer directly at any given time.

6. Working with developer as if an in-house resource.

— Payment

Upfront payment and other payment terms can be finalized with authorized person.

In this way we have seen the importance of ASP.NET feature in today’s web world and basic procedure of hiring its talent.


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