Essential Tips for Ecommerce SEO

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Essential Tips for Ecommerce SEO


Ecommerce has been growing at a tremendous rate year-on-year. Many new businesses and the already existing offline players are entering into the online market and establishing their own ecommerce stores for selling goods and products online.

Unlike traditional offline business centers and shops, advertising and marketing online for ecommerce sites is entirely different. Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in determining the success of an online store. As most of the prospective customers come from the search engines by entering a keyword to buy a product, the volume of business one can make is very high. Through proper SEO, it is easy to target audience of an entire region to which you provide services or ship the items you sell. Today, all the businesses online have understood the need for great SEO for their ecommerce web store and are keen to implement various strategies to rank better for particular keywords.

Before you or your SEO company start working on the strategies, you need to be well prepared. Here are few tips that shall benefit you and your business while following an SEO plan.

Most businesses overlook the budget. Many think that search engine optimization is free advertising. True, but you need to spend at least 30% of your marketing budget to implement SEO strategies and keep on spending money to avail the SEO services of a company for your business continuously. At no point, you should run out of money for SEO expenditure as it risks the loss of all the efforts put till then. Also, if regular SEO maintenance is not done, the site can lose its existing rank and first page position to the competitors.

The developer you plan to hire should have an extensive knowledge on SEO and must have developed few good ecommerce websites in the past. Experience of the developer in building custom SEO friendly ecommerce websites is important for onsite SEO. The success of the SEO campaigns and your online business depends on how good the developer coded the ecommerce website in terms of UI and SEO. You can also choose from many of the existing open source ecommerce platforms for a quick start with all set of features.

Some of the best free and open source ecommerce platforms are Zen Cart, OpenCart, osCommerce and TomatoCart. These can be installed, configured, set up and customized as per your requirement by your developer. The other advantages of using open source platforms are that the development cost and time drastically reduce. With just a click, our ecommerce store goes live and you can continue enhancing it. With great user base, community help forums and cheap plugins, the site need not be developed from scratch.

An important step is to find your competitors. Browse through their sites and see how they performed the onsite SEO. Suggest to your developer or ask him to implement the onsite SEO tips that your SEO company has recommended. Keyword research is important to find the target keywords, the competitor analysis and to find the trends of people in shopping living at various geographical locations.


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