Features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a popular term used in the field of customer service, which helps an organization in the management of customers through a well defined, reliable system of processes and procedures. CRM holds a wide range of features to help the individuals or organizations to manage the interactions with its customers who form the backbone of any business. The various functionalities of CRM make it easy in carrying out a number of tasks such as customization, and integration of the software. It also helps in maintaining your solution efficiently and affordably. Customer Relationship Management software is developed to meet every need that may come across during different business processes. All the CRM features are developed for the proper and organized management of the business, starting from lead generation till closing of the deal which comprises of efficient customer service, marketing and sales.

Some of the main CRM features include Activity Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Forecasting, Lead Management, Account, Product and Contact Management, Analytics, Time Management, Reports, Sales Process Guides and Dashboards. These CRM and Sales force Automation features are available in a consolidated package or as separate modules which will be provided as chosen by the user. The customer interaction feature enables the organization in offering a top class customer service by integrating customer data, activities and applications from disparate sources.

The features available in different CRM software vary with CRM vendor as they may be developed to meet the specific requirement or facilities. You are free to customize the available features of the CRM to meet your specific business needs. There are also unique connecting features in CRM which enables the concerned individuals from anywhere in the world to retrieve the data from the database. The communication tool build within the CRM helps in maintaining the customers and developing a more meaningful interaction between the organization and clients. This is more often found in the web-based technologies where communication with the customers is integrated through direct chat, e-mail and other voice based applications.

The installation of CRM helps to deliver superior customer service and increased sales success, along with agile business decisions. Profitable businesses depend on the ability to measure current business activity, forecast future revenues, identify customer trends, and evaluate sales and service performance. These features help you in a much smarter and faster decisions making, which increase the sales success and ensure customer satisfaction.

It not only deals with customer services but also in developing an interaction with the employees within an organization and salesperson in different regions. It does the entire task involved with lead management such as assigning, routing and successful fulfillment of leads. Subscribing or procuring a CRM application will help in the proper management of the business and avoid the leads from falling into cracks. Moreover it helps in improved decision making and customer service, thereby enhanced profitability.

Although the CRM features vary with vendors, you can opt for the most appropriate feature to suit the business needs of your organization. These CRM features help in the enhancement of productivity of any business.


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