How to Asses Bids on Elance

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How to Asses Bids on Elance


How much time the developer will spend on your project:

Time is an important asset for individuals with ideas for a mobile app. So, to ensure that your app is created and published quickly, you need to choose a professional app developer. Checking the types of projects had already handled and the feedback he/it had received is one of the best ways of finding out how good a developer or a mobile app development company is.

To get high quality, you will have to hire expensive developers to work on your project. However, if you want to cut down costs by hiring aspiring service providers, you can always add a few new ones to your list of potential developers.

What skills each service provider has to offer:

Worthwhile bids are usually those put forth by service providers who have already established themselves on Elance. You will find companies and individuals offering you various skills to make your dream app come true.

If automate the bid assessment process, Elance offers you some features that can help you. You can shortlist bids to focus on those that interest you, decline bids from providers who you know can’t get the job done, and find out about providers who will only contact you if you invite them. The latter service may be a good idea if you aren’t getting enough quality bids or require skill sets that are more unique. Once you have shortlisted your bids, it is time for you to choose who will win the chance to create your app.

Choosing the Best Bidder:

Now, it is time for you to give the privilege of creating your million dollar app to someone. So, skim through your list of potential service providers, but keep these factors in mind:

Experience – To avoid wasting your time and that of the developer, make sure that he has sufficient experience in developing mobile apps using the platform you want.

Ease of Communication – Communicating easily with developers means more than one thing.

Willingness – You may like the credentials of an app developer, but he/she may not be very willing to do your project. Willingness is a very important aspect because it guarantees you that your developer won’t run off leaving your project hanging. You need to do some research to find out how popular the apps developers created are.

Costs – The bid the developer had offered is a very essential factor. You may be carried off by the developer’s extensive portfolio and impressive skills only to be stumped by the high price he/she is demanding. There are also other aspects which can help you such as the developer’s availability and willingness to update the app later on to keep up with users’ demands and whims.


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