How To Be More Successful With Your Email Marketing Campaign

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How To Be More Successful With Your Email Marketing Campaign


It is critical in any email marketing campaign that all your emails get opened. So how do you entice your email list to open your emails? You know what it is like to get email. What makes you open your email?

  • You are expecting it, and looking forward to receiving the information.
  • You are a fan of the sender and want to read what they have to offer or provide you.
  • Or the email is entertaining, shocking or something else which grabs your attention.

Lets take a look @ a few key elements to consider:


This is your name or email address your receiver sees when your email arrives in their inbox. Before your subject line. Our recommendation is to use your Brand (Company Name) and preferably choose one which is hosted at your domain name. If you use individuals who work for your Company and they leave, your established branding leaves with them and this can be damaging.

In addition you want your from line to be long enough to represent your brand, but not so long that recipients won’t be able to see the entire from line.

It is not uncommon to see from lines with “do not reply” who would do this? A Business obviously not wanting to build relationships with their potential clients. One of the many benefits of email marketing is having the ability to create trust and relationships.


Your subject line must be given careful consideration. This will either entice the receiver to open or delete the message. The purpose of the subject line is to describe the contents of the email and secondly to get it opened. Encouraging open rates could be more successful by offering a discount, free product offer or the fact that they are familiar with your brand.

Use Social Proofing, get to the point, introduce how to, ask a question, create an urgency by including deadlines.


When using email marketing you want to also make the most of the Real Estate space available in your emails and using email signatures is one of those ways. In your email signature you can include your own actual signature, include the name of your Company, URL links to your website, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn. This creates another way for your clients to stay up to date with what your Company is achieving and allows another mechanism for interaction with your brand.

By including the 3 key elements above will significantly increase your email open rate and make you a better communicator with your target audience. We hope you implement these in your email marketing campaigns.


Source by Kim L Matheson

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