How To Become An SEO Wizard?

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How To Become An SEO Wizard?


A lot of things have been said about Search Engine Optimization, popularly known by its abbreviation SEO. Most of the information about SEO is likely to make an average internet market feel overwhelmed and wonder which is more complex, SEO or rocket science! There are experienced internet marketing experts who will try to convince you that SEO is child’s play. Between the two extreme perceptions lies a realistic approach to SEO. This approach involves understanding the basics of SEO and devising a strategy to apply SEO to your websites.

Search engine optimization has to be carried out at two levels. One is called Online SEO and the other Offline SEO. Online optimization deals with the design and structure of your website and its pages. If you take care of a few important points discussed below, you can do a good job of optimizing your site for the search engines.

1) The title of the page should have your keyword phrase: This appears something simple and obvious but is often overlooked. This is the most important requirement. Unless your title contains your keyword, your website may not appear in searches made for your keyword phrase. The keyword should preferably be placed at the beginning of the title. It will be better if it occurs twice in the title. If your site is about SEO, the title can be: SEO is not Rocket Science – Master SEO. This will be better than, ‘How to master SEO?’ where the term SEO occurs only at the end. Search engines will take the beginning part of a title to be the key word.

2) Use the keyword in the description of your site: A description of your site will appear under your title. This should also have the keyword. This strengthens the relevance of the keyword to your site.

3) Use the keyword in the content: Your content should be keyword rich. This is the technical way of putting it. What it means is that you should sprinkle your content with your keyword phrase. The keyword should appear in the very first sentence, in the last sentence and at a few places in the middle. However, you should guard against excessive use of the keyword phrase in the content. This will be considered spamming by the search engines. A keyword density of about 3% is considered optimum. This means that for every hundred words of your article, you can use the keyword 3 times.

4) Use a few other related keywords: Using a few other related keywords will strengthen the relevance of your keyword phrase to your site content.

Offline SEO is concerned with creating external links to your site from other sites on the same topic. The more popular the other sites are, the better will be the ranking of your website.


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