How to Get the Best Results From a Social Media Marketing Plan

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How to Get the Best Results From a Social Media Marketing Plan


Social media is here to stay! With more and more people signing up for Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks, the audience is increasing. When it comes to creating a social media marketing strategy, there are several important things to keep in mind. You can seek the assistance of a social media marketing agency to come up with the ideal approach for the best results.

1. Choose the right social networking websites

Not all social media websites work with every business. If you take Pinterest as an example, it works well with a company whose services have a visual effect. Businesses like restaurants, fashion designers and bakeries receive excellent results from Pinterest along with other image-based social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are easily utilized for almost any type of business.

2. Build your audience

The success of social media campaigns depends on how many people see your posts. Unless you have a sizable audience, what you post may go unnoticed. Start with your friends and acquaintances and then invest in a boosting campaign to increase the reach of your posts.

3. Make postings regularly

Whether you have one follower or a million, it’s important to keep your profile active by making regular posts. Company updates, photos, videos, promotional artwork and deals all qualify as appropriate posts for any business. However, it’s important to keep postings regular without reaching spam level. Users are quick to unsubscribe if they find their newsfeed cluttered with too many promotional posts. About 2, 3 posts a day would suffice to keep interest levels up.

4. It’s not just about sales

While making sales is your target, not every single thing you post on your social networks has to be about it. If you run into any interesting,industry-related articles over the internet, you can share them. If you employ a more casual approach, you can also incorporate humour and entertainment into your daily postings. Most people are fast to like or share something funny than promotional artwork. In addition, you can even post job advertisements when you are hiring.

5. Integrate social media with your website

A lot of businesses simply add social icons on their websites,but only a handful considers adding activity feeds. Of course, activity feeds are not suitable with all social networks or on all pages of a website. Twitter and YouTube have the best results when placed on blog pages and perhaps, even on the home page.


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