How to Select Your Partner for Web Designing?

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How to Select Your Partner for Web Designing?


Post the internet revolution the whole world has come within the reach of people sitting in any part of the world. The internet revolution has indeed rekindled the business processes. A person sitting in the remotest corner of East Africa, for instance, can give a very tough fight for business in Mexico. That’s how internet works and has virtually helped people all over the world for winning over the geographies.

As a matter of fact, the cyber world has become fiercely competitive like never before. In the 21st century, your site has truly become your face to the outside world. Therefore, you cannot afford to create just another website by someone in the name of your website design and development.

Here is a list of points that you should consider while hiring your web design partner in any part of the world.

1) Listing of web design service providers: You can try both online and offline resources for this. You have to collect information and jot them down in an orderly manner on a piece of paper.

2) Ranking: Allocate ranking against each web design service provider based on their customer’s feedback and rating. This works as a primary rating on your behalf.

3) Short listing: Shortlist a couple of vendors depending upon their higher ranking for further investigation.

4) Investigate: Now, call them up one by one for a reality check. Speak to them in clear terms what exactly you want for your site. Share examples, if any.

5) Demo project: Ask them to report back to you with a demo project based on your inputs. Rate these projects based on their quality and spontaneity. Ask them, how they will choose keywords, Meta tags and whether they will build social media pages or not. Check whether they also provide content.

6) Final listing: Make a final list of vendors for the next course of action based on the project submitted and the quality of answers befitting your requirement by individual vendors.

7) Negotiate: Negotiation on commercials plays a pivotal role before awarding the contract to a web design partner. Because, you cannot afford to compromise either on your web site quality or the budget – right? Einstein puts it in the right perspective, nothing is fixed on earth other than death and taxes.

Before awarding the contract for your web design, set your expectation right and know whether your web design partner can deliver that or not for avoiding heartbreak in the end!


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