Integrating Multi-Channel eCommerce Solutions Into Our Business

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Integrating Multi-Channel eCommerce Solutions Into Our Business


Internet in its infancy was a pretty inexpensive medium, which also was the main reason attributing to its growing popularity. With the evolution of technology, customers are now willing to pay more in return of good services. Retailers like Amazon and eBay are concentrating more on the quality of services and not on the price. The main objectives of retailers are to attain right balance of service, convenience and value of money for the customers. Integration of multichannel eCommerce software for retail web store brought about many changes for modern businesses.

Following are the benefits of integrating multichannel eCommerce solutions into your business:

Network with other channels: Previously the eCommerce solutions for any business were thought of in isolation. Whether you are developing the software for your web store or taking it to the next level of integration, it is always very important to think about integrating it with other channels as well. This will derive optimum benefit for your business.

Get your call centers engaged: It is a great idea to enable operator supported order. Engaging call centers to take sales from customers over the phone is one of the most effective ways to provide additional assistance to customers. If the site is ever down the call centers can help the customers to buy the right product.

Real time assistance to shoppers: Live chats enable the customer contact center to provide real time support and assistance to the customers. The objective here is to guide the customer’s choice in a proper direction. The option can be either reactive through “click to chat” or proactive through the option of “rule based chat”. You can also suggest the customer to chat with “CSA” (Customer Service Advisor) in the later part of the interaction.

Ensure Visibility: The technology to view the same cart concurrently both by the customer and the CSA must be developed.

Mobilize information: The objective of every business is to ensure optimum customer experience. In order to achieve that you must always funnel all the customer information into a customer contact database.

Develop: Provide customer with the facility to buy products online. Integrating multichannel eCommerce solution to your business can increase the number of sales by increasing the number of sales channels. This will enable the business to reach bigger audience and benefits from global exposure.

Direct Traffic: Benefits from direct traffic can be funneled into the business. Email marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct URL navigation/bookmarking all are included in direct traffic.

Paid Search: Integrating this solution allows you to buy traffic from search engines like Google and Bing on a pay per click (PPC) basis. These search engines drive traffic to your site and induces further conversion.

Marketplaces: Marketplaces are sites that allow your business to offer items for sale online. The consumer can place the order for products they wish to buy through these marketplaces. Getting your product enlisted in Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon can increase the global awareness of your business as well as increase the amount of sales.

Mobile: The use of mobile apps through the sophisticated browser of mobile phone has increased the usage of online shopping. Therefore, it is a great way to integrate the multichannel eCommerce solution to your business by developing mobile apps.

Social: With over 750 million active users on Facebook and more than 200 million users on Twitter, online users are spending bulk of their socially active time in these online engagements. Facebook, Twitter and other such social networking sites are growing and they are eyeing for the benefits of social commerce as well. Many online retailers are looking forward to significant primary and secondary sales from these channels as well.


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