Internet Marketing Guide to Success For Offline Businesses

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Internet Marketing Guide to Success For Offline Businesses


With the global recession either threatening or slowing the growth of many businesses, turning to the Internet is no longer a matter of just following trends, its now a matter of survival. The Internet makes survival almost a guarantee as many businesses now know. In Toronto, Internet marketing experts have helped restore, create and boost the success of many kinds of small and medium sized ventures through the use of the Web.

Traditional marketing principles coupled with the advanced technology in Internet marketing, becomes a powerful tool to meet business growth objectives. Examples of this can be seen in:

Increased traffic

With a conventional storefront type retail business, location is everything to get the necessary foot traffic to keep your doors open. Because of this, some of the best places to have your business are malls, street corners, etc.

Likewise, on the Internet, getting a massive amount of web surfers to visit your website is what you need and the only way to achieve this effectively is through using the innovative SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques of sending people to your page via the many search engine’s search results pages.

  • SEO accomplishes this through:
  • finding and using the right keywords
  • developing content
  • setting up links
  • distribution, marketing and more

Building your customer base

Companies still work on conventional methods of developing their client bases so that they can return to them to get customers. In Internet marketing the same task is substituted with list building.

One of the most common ways to build these lists online is by getting the contact information from visitors in exchange for free offers or giveaways similar to the way offline stores will get you to fill out a form to get their store membership points cards. These lists are just as important for an online business as customer service to win over an increase in customers and profits.

To start building your lists you need to:

  • set up a blog or website
  • provide readers with valuable information
  • adding some kind of sign-in form
  • offer free stuff
  • send autoresponders to list members

Like traditional marketing, Internet marketing also uses advertising, direct mailing and newsletter marketing along with a lot of other marketing tactics.

For the not so technically inclined, it doesn’t have to look hopeless with so many different things to learn. Many Toronto internet marketing experts are available that can help you with technical SEO stuff while you continue to develop your businesses products and services.


Source by Kevin McKillop

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