Migrate Your Site to TYPO3 CMS

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Migrate Your Site to TYPO3 CMS


What else can you ask from a CMS system that gives you complete freedom from maintaining your site, coding, frequent changes, low cost of ownership, self administered back end and a lot more. This list can continue and go on and on. TYPO3 CMS has got many more advantages from the contemporary CMS systems. It is not only affable to the development community but also liked by most of the users who comes across this CMS.

For simple and static sites, it’s like just few clicks away and that your site is ready to be launched on the internet. For all those sites that have been built on some custom code and requires frequent updating and changes in the content or feature enhancement in the site, TYPO3 CMS is the ideal solution. The flexibility extended in the back end that is the Admin section, allows user to change the information as and when they want and thus reduces the complete dependency on the development team. Your hours of patient waiting and all those hassles that you normally face with the developers for change requests is now over and TYPO3 CMS simplifies everything for you with few clicks. The importance of timeliness of publishing any information anytime is easily met.

Realizing and benefiting from the feature rich systems of TYPO3 CMS, migration from your old site to new site would be an apt solution. Avoid all those of extensive custom programming, delays in citing information on your site, avoid all such access cost and burden, hassles and migrate your site to TYPO3 CMS. To share a classic example: we picked up an SEO job for a site in India. It was a simple website built by a hosting company on its own custom CMS. While starting our work on On-Page Optimization, we realized how difficult was it to enter the Meta Tags and carry out other on-page activities. Looking at the pains and hassles of the old site built on awful custom programmed system, we suggested to the client about the TYPO3 CMS and its ease of use.

It just took us 1 week to convert the entire old site which was originally built over a month’s time. Maintaining all the features of the old site and same navigation and other requirements, the new site met all the expectations of the customer. We just made use of the standard TYPO3 CMS and few extensions from the TYPO3 repository. The customer is so happy that the tasks that he had to wait for days are now easy to execute within span of no time and customer also had an opportunity to go for new design- a complete new look benefit. And our SEO work is also smooth as the SEO team has a separate Login to the system for the purpose of optimization activities.


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