Mobile App Development – Mistakes That Startups Should Avoid

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Mobile App Development – Mistakes That Startups Should Avoid


Today Mobile app technology is the most booming area in the mobile market. Owing to the ease of use and adaption to this, it is high in demand among people from all walks of life. It is also a cost effective solution to all mobile user needs.

With increasing demand among consumers there is a rise of innovative technologies and solutions for advanced mobile apps. There are certainly huge mistakes made by businesses while making their apps available to consumers. Few mistakes to be avoided include:

Clarity in need for an app

To be a part of the app race is easy but the business should on the first hand decides whether the business category actually needs an app or would it sell better through a crisp website. Only after scrutiny and detailed analysis should it be decided if there is need for an app to be custom made.

Studying the audience in advance

Many startups skip this process and regret later on not targeting the customer needs. Until one knows the type of technology used by the mobile phones of their customers their apps would go in vain.

Analyze the budget and cost effectiveness

This is one of the crucial aspects to consider. Mobile App development can go to extremes of cost or can be done in basic budgets. So instead of regretting in future a prior planning would be advisable. Having clarity of all hidden costs incurred should be weighed.

Filtering the right information to audience

Providing key information one after the other draws attention of audiences rather than making it all available at once is a trick to play. All the features that the App is designed for should not be provided at one go. For effective marketing and attention drawing initially an app's basic features should be launched and later its versions or enhanced features should be made available to people.

Prioritize the expenses allotted for the App

Since startups run on tight budgets it is essential to monitor the expenses being incurred on the App making. Cost cutting is therefore routine process. Here is the trick to keep costs low yet not to compromise on several factors such as the quality of the app. An inexpensively developed cheap App as a result of hiring low cost developers in future becomes an expensive loss. Hence essentially it should be prioritized where to control costs and where not to compromise.

Taking Social Media's Shelter

Social Media is no more just to connect with people for fun. It is a serious part of a flourishing business. Reaching out to people and through social media advertising the offerings of an app can be done fruitfully. Facebook, Twitter, etc. should be made good use of. They are the most cost effective ways to promote the App of a business.

Conducting Proper Checks and Testing the App

In the App Making process, this is one of the most crucial steps before releasing an app. All kinds of checks including all available features should be done. Before the App is launched all checks should be and fixes should be made.

Ease of usability of the App

This is the key point to be noted. Not everyone likes to see technical expertise being shown on a website. A crisp easy to use App is what everyone likes. No one wants to spend time to understand the hidden features in an app. The success of the App depends largely on its simplicity.

A consistent App Development Team

With frequent replacements there could be variations in the actual purpose of the website. A constant development team for checking the upgrades to be made in the App development is the safest option to have.

Paying attention to Effective Marketing

For an App to come in with a bang and make a lasting impact, its Marketing is a key factor. The way the App gets recognized plays a major role in the success of its sustainability.


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