Pros and Cons of Three Types of Free Web Hosting

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Pros and Cons of Three Types of Free Web Hosting


Types of Free Web Hosting

Some of the pros and cons of free web hosting are more obvious, while others are less salient. But also, there are different kinds of free hosting and the pros and cons of the different types are different. So let's start by explaining the types.

• Free web hosting that comes with the registration of a domain name. There are a lot of plans currently on offer in which you either pay for web hosting and get a free domain name or register a domain name and get free hosting. The pros and cons of this depend on the exact offer.

• Free web hosting that uses your site for advertising. In this type of web hosting where the host is making money from the fact that you have a site.

• Free web hosting that is either explicitly or implicitly an introductory offer that the host will lead you to take the next step and pay for an upgrade to expand your services. It's an opportunity for them to show their stuff.

Pros and Cons of the Three Types of Free Web Hosting

The pros and cons of the first type of web hosting depend on what the web host offers you. For example, at GoDaddy, if you register a domain, you get a free "InstantPage." The pros of this include the immediacy, and the cons include the limitations-they really do mean one page. Other hosts may offer a more typical shared hosting plan, but with severely limited disk storage and bandwidth. Other typical limitations include number of email accounts, the types and size of media you can upload, the number of databases you can create, and the number of products you can sell. It depends on the hosting provider.

The pros and cons of the second type is that there's going to be some way that your website is not yours. You may be limited to using a subdomain of the host, so that their name is visible every time someone visits your site. They may post banner or pop-up ads on your site. They may use your web page (s) for advertising of other types, and they're unlikely to provide much in the way of support.

The pros of the third kind are an extended demo of the host's service and support. This type of free hosting tends to provide you with more features, storage space, and bandwidth, but possibly still not as much as you'll need. They do not put ads on your site, and may even allow you to include your own ads. They may require a credit card to be on file in case you do not cancel prior to the end of the offer.

General Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting

Besides specific pros and cons of free hosting, there are some general ones that may not be true in the third type, but you should check.

Pros: For one-time websites or short-term websites, you may prefer these options to investing in a hosting plan. Without the need to register a domain name or deal with any of the details that go with that (changing the name servers, etc.), and with free tools for website building, you can usually get a website up very fast. You can also create a practice site to try things out before making an investment in a hosting plan.

Cons: Besides the lack of support, you may also find a lack of backups, site statistics, software updates, and other services that you never gave much thought to. Considering that you can get shared hosting from reputable sites for $ 3 / month or less, you need to seriously consider before accepting the cons of free hosting.


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