To Capture the Best Inbox Selling Power, Know Your Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts

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To Capture the Best Inbox Selling Power, Know Your Email Marketing Do's and Don'ts


When you compare open marketplaces, none can offer more opportunity or promise than the Internet. Unfortunately, anyone can sell almost anything online, and your prospective customers are constantly bombarded with a torrent of products, brands and services. Most people delete the majority of promotional email they receive because it came from companies that did not put much thought into their marketing campaigns. But reaching your potential customers through email is still a great solution as long as you observe the critical email marketing do's and don'ts.

How Effective Is Email Marketing?

Promoting your company products and services through email can help you retain your loyal customers and recruit new ones. Email marketing is a common practice, but not every company understands how users want to receive promotional messages. You must combine good marketing emails with careful planning and proper email marketing etiquette to make them effective. It is equally important to send messages to your target audience to improve your open conversion rate.

Don't Spam Away Your Chances

Spamming your customers with unsolicited ads is one of the worst email marketing mistakes you can make. Spam clutters one's inbox, overloads mail servers, spreads viruses and rarely even gets opened. Of all email marketing do's and don'ts, the policy of banning spam is the most important to observe. Don't send out random emails. Be sure your audience has requested to receive your information. This will ensure less emails will go to spam.

Moderation Is Key

An effective email marketing campaign avoids hype and intrusion. You do not want readers to think your product sounds too good to be true, and you do not want to annoy them with unnecessary daily email updates. One email every week or two is adequate unless you have special offers or time-sensitive material to share. Mix in sending broadcast promotions, tips and tricks, and other emails with free or discounted offers. The more your customer list sees these type of emails, the more they will be anticipating your next emails and will be happy to receive them.

Always Offer an Escape Route

Last on your list of email marketing do's and don'ts is the recommendation to allow your customers to unsubscribe. When savvy web users realize they are not being forced to endure an endless, unwanted barrage of email, they are more likely to view your brand in a positive light. A company with good manners that offers products and services with no strings attached inspires trust. And consumer confidence can easily translate into sales and increased profit for you.


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