Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Nanacast

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Nanacast


Nanacast is a centralized management system that allows you to manage your membership sites and affiliates and at the same time allows you to store your previous products and transactions for future use. It is also used for tracking sales, membership site creation, podcasting and other affiliate marketing tasks. Nanacast is also widely known for its cart functions and providing step-by-step solutions to various e-commerce activity.

What makes Nanacast stand-out from the other business management solutions is that it is functional without sacrificing user friendliness making it usable to both newbie and guru in the internet marketing field. Of all the usable functionalities that are available in Nanacast, the top 3 reason why people are using it are as follows:

Security Features. Since the internet marketing is dealing with electronic shopping carts and involves money, the challenge is how to protect buyers from fraud sellers and provide security for both the seller and the buyer. To address this issue, Nanacast provides an IP and cookie tracking system to ensure the safety and convenience of its users. This anti-fraud system can track the IP’s of anyone who is attempting to commit deception.

Third Party E-mail and CRM Integration. Nanacast is created to be compatible with almost all programs for affiliate marketing available. It can be integrated with two of the most common marketing tools – WordPress and Aweber. It can also be integrated with other third party e-mail and CRM solutions like Office Auto Pilot and iContact. It allows you to remove inactive subscribers from one list and/or create an alternate list that contains the subscribers that have canceled their subscriptions. This will help the user organize the list of those who will get follow-up messages from those who will receive product/service updates.

Affiliate Connections. Another advantage about using Nanacast is its affiliate connections. This allows other sellers to sell or promote your product/service for you. It has a tracking facility to keep you updated on the top affiliate sellers you have and pay them accordingly. With other sellers helping you market your product/service, it not only allows building relationship to fellow sellers but also helps you increase your sales.


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