Useful Tips to Boost Traffic

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Useful Tips to Boost Traffic


This article will edify some tips about gaining more traffic. Traffic is an important factor of the website. It is also necessary to make easy online money. Some tips are written below, which are really necessary for a blogger.

Tips for Offline Traffic:

1. Make your business cards along with URL.

2. Spread a postcard to promote your site.

3. Promote your site in newspapers via giving ads.

4. Promote your site at shopping malls by distributing pamphlets.

5. Hit the chamber events and promote your website there.

6. Print Brouchers and distribute them everywhere.

7. Do conversations and meetings with people about your site. It will help you to get more users.

8. Sponsor a local event and advertise your site there.

9. Print Banners announcing your site and put best features of your site there.

Online Traffic Generation Tips:

1. Do Guest posts on different blogs and forums.

2. Promote your site at High PR blog.

3. Post a comment on high PR blogs (Don’t Spam)

4. Post regularly with new informative contents.

5. Write user friendly, abridged and informative posts.

6. Use professional website design to make your site beautiful.

7. Submit articles to different and well known sites.

8. Promote your site at social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Sphinn…..etc

9. Don’t write big articles, they may bore the readers.

10. Post according to the situation.

11. Submit extra posts, if you have time or do it on holidays.

12. Select a domain name according to niche (category)

13. Regularly, submit to search engines.

14. Submit to free directories to gain more traffic.

15. Check major search engines top 10 keywords

16. Mention current events on the site

17. Promote your site with the cyber friends.

18. Join other sites, which may help you in this cause.

19. Get your site at different search engines.

20. Write about different topics and promote your site.

Site promotion is important to make easy money online. So to get the best results you need to follow these points very accurately.


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