Vehicle Tracking System

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Vehicle Tracking System


Today we all live in an unsafe world constantly worrying about the safety of our property or vehicle. We can help ensure the safety of an immovable property but what about movable property such as a car? How do we ensure the safety of our vehicles? GPS vehicle tracking system provides you with the solution.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps you to track your company vehicles in case they are lost or are stolen. With this innovative system you can ensure the surveillance of your fleet. Car theft is a very common occurrence these days and a GPS system helps you to make sure that you do not face any such unpleasant surprises.

SupaTrak delivers a low cost tracking solution which is easy to use and install.

Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

o GPS devices are very small in size and can therefore be installed covertly.

o Monitors the speed and direction of the vehicle.

o Helps to locate your vehicle in case it is stolen or is lost.

o Updates every 60 seconds, or every 30 minutes when vehicle engine is switched off.

The cost effective telematics solution allows upgrades to the CMS Mobile Worker applications
and integrated CAN bus offering exceptional features such as 60 second GPS updates, covert vehicle installation, unlimited user access to mapping, web browser mapping, complete reporting that includes snail trail, start or stop and combined GSM / GPS antenna etc. The product also offers interesting features such as Real Time
GPS Tracking , Truck tracking, CMS Mobile Worker integration, Satellite Navigation and more.


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