Web Designing for Hotels – Combine SEO, SMO and Other Digital Marketing Concepts

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Web Designing for Hotels – Combine SEO, SMO and Other Digital Marketing Concepts


In the rapidly changing world of online marketing, an innovative idea becomes outdated and obsolete as soon as it hits the virtual domain and thus forces websites to constantly up grade and update their layout, content and marketing strategies to keep pace and gain ground on competitors. In such a dynamic environment, it is not possible to possess a trump card up your sleeve to outdo competition and thus makes it necessary to at least sort the basics out to perfection so as to remain in the race till you can conjure that new, space age concept to take the World Wide World by a storm.

For hospitality sector in general and hotels of international repute in particular, the first and the foremost step in digital marketing is to have a functional website that is a true representation of class and elegance so commonly associated with such businesses. While most hotels err on the side of caution in making their websites rich in look and feel, which is excusable taking the nature of the business into account, most hotels fail to appreciate the revenue generating capabilities offered by internet if put to good use. Before indulging in pomp and show, hotels should first identify the very purpose of having an online presence and a digital marketing strategy in place. More business and better services is the mantra.

If a website is designed in a way to inspire awe, it is equally important to have prospective clients spend enough time on your portal to make up their minds about making a reservation. For that to happen, the navigation through the website should be a breeze. While information available on the website should be sufficient, it should not be too overwhelming to dissuade a user to read further. Remember, the agenda is to convert the online traffic into business and not to be a repository of endless data that is of only scholarly use. A user should be able to jump from one section to another without losing track of the reason why he was there at the first place. An online reservation tab, if available, should be clearly displayed on every page so that an impulsive client can easily make a reservation without having to spend precious time deciphering the site map.

Once the website is ready, the focus should shift to digital marketing strategies to divert traffic from search engines and affiliates to your web space. Even if you had a well laid out site featuring content tailor made for your target audience, it serves no purpose if your online organic ranking is not good enough to feature your website among the top results of a search query. For hotels, the website design matters a lot. The hotel website design and the initial content may be left to the expert website designers and content writers, but in order to build on it to generate revenue and capture the market, services of web marketing companies are of immense assistance. Web marketing companies can not only tweak and add to the sites content and design, but also ensure a regular and continuous traffic to your website by improving your online reputation and organic ranking. This is done through search engine optimization, experts in solving trivial and complex search criteria, who can help make your online presence and dominance a reality and hence justify the cost of maintaining and running a digital marketing campaign.


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