Web Hosting For Beginners

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Web Hosting For Beginners


Understanding web hosting is really simple. When we visit a company website, we get to see a number of web pages that are stored in the web server that the company has procured from a vendor. Your web browser only facilitates you to get more information in the form of graphics and texts. So if you want to have a website serving your purpose, you need to have a server at your disposal. Only through this way you can have a support to your website that lets other users to have an access to all the information that you're willing to share with them.

Reputed web hosting providers are known to host hundreds of websites at any given time. To ensure this happens, the company needs to have quite a few servers, each of which needs to be connected to a high speed internet connection through a physical building, also referred to as "data centers". To ensure the safety of all these servers, the data centers need to be secured and have to be physically protected round-the-clock from fire, virus attacks, power failure, etc. Furthermore, these places need to have an efficient backup system in place should anything go wrong and also have an efficient disaster recovery plans in place.

Different types of web hosting plans are now available in the market. However, you need to choose the one that will help your business and that will allow it to grow with time. Each of these plans is unique and offer features that can vary from one service provider to another.

Shared Hosting

In this form of web hosting, several websites are supported by a single server. Depending upon the service provider, the number of supported websites can be a few hundred or even thousands. The powerful computers that support these servers ensure that the websites are adequately supported and they will not run into problems. However, when the support limit gets exceeded the server slows down considerably and that their supported websites either crash or will start responding slowly. Most of these services are available at a relatively low price, starting from $ 5 per month. In this form of hosting, the essential features like the bandwidth, disk space, memory, etc are provided in limited quantities.

Reseller Hosting

In this form of hosting service the provider will sell the web server to another party at a discounted price and the party will in turn resell it to others at a lower price. Most of the users of reseller plans include web consultants like web developers, web designers, etc. When problems occur, the resellers will be required to contact the parent web hosting provider and rectify it.

Dedicated Hosting

Unlike other forms of web hosting, dedicated hosting offers their server for the exclusive use of their customer. These users can in turn customize the required features to help their business scale up without any problem. Usually, these plans are really expensive and can be afforded by large companies or affluent individuals.


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