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Web Hosting For Business


Web hosting basically happens to be the backbone of any website at hand. If you run an online business, and web hosting services, then make sure that you pick the right web hosting provider. However, here are a few basics about web hosting that you should know about:

There are a number of hosting plans that business owners can choose from. However, some of the most commonly used plans available these days are:

Shared Hosting

This particular plan is typically used by small businesses, and is also rather commonly known as virtual hosting. In shared hosting, it is necessary for your website to share its resources with a number of other websites. A major reason why it is so famous amidst small businesses is that it is extremely cheap. Moreover, there is no need for you to be concerned about maintenance, as it will all be catered to by the hosting company that you choose to work with. What this means is that if you notice that your site is not working properly, the only thing that you need to do is that of getting in touch with the hosting company. From there onwards, it is the responsibility of the hosting company to resolve the issue. Even if there are a number of advantages that this hosting plan has to offer, its main drawback is that it isn’t the right pick for websites that have a lot of incoming traffic.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is particularly recommended to be used by advanced users, and businesses that are interested in installing specific software or packages that are not part of shared hosting. In VPS hosting, your business website is going to be placed, like shared hosting, on a server with other websites. However, the basic difference is that in the number of websites per server, which, in this case, is very low. Also, VPS hosting additionally offer admin or root access to its own operating system that is typically installed in a virtualized environment.

Reseller hosting

This plan, which is typically offered by a bus web hosting reseller, is particularly meant for webmasters, or those who are interested in reselling their own web hosting services. This particular plan is also a good option for businesses that operate multiple websites. This is because reseller hosting makes it extremely easy for them to manage a number of website using a single control panel.

Dedicated hosting

Upon the acquisition of a dedicated server, your website gets to attain complete access to the entire server. This is because the server is not going to be shared with any other websites or resources. Quite like a VPS, it offers full root or admin access. This hosting plan is best for websites that have a lot of visitors. It is also chosen rather commonly by businesses that have custom requirements that simply cannot be fulfilled in a shared hosting environment.

Email hosting

This particular web hosting services is one that helps in running email servers. To put it in simple words, if your business owns a domain name, and you wish to acquire email services for it, you will need to take on an email hosting service. Although this service is provided by most web hosting companies, they will just supply POP3 email to you, and basic virus/spam protection. However, with a professional email hosting service, you will acquire a number of webmail features. These are inclusive of unlimited forwarders, extensive spam/virus protection, contacts managements, folder management, blacklists, mailing lists, whitelists, backups, and IMAP/POP3 etc.


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