What is Aliro?

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What is Aliro?


Aliro is a state of the art content management system that has been gaining popularity over the past little while. Many say that it is designed as a tool to deliver cutting-edge, modern CMS solutions in a time when we, as website builders, need them the most. Aliro makes full use of PHP 5 and requires MySQL 5 as well for utilization. The builders of Aliro, who have recently teamed up with those who are also working on the popular miaCMS project, have several key goals in mind for this product. Does it meet these goals? Well, let’s take a closer look.

First of all, Aliro is meant to be a framework for creating CMS that can be used as a platform to which add-ons can be built and attached. This would not only require a range of sufficiency regarding services, but also a healthy selection of add-ons at the user’s disposal. Of course, this framework includes an interface for the administrator, but add-ons are required to make the user interface truly easy to use.

Second, Aliro needs add-ons that will provide sufficient services in regards to CMS. Of course, no user would be obligated to use these add-ons, and they would be encouraged, in fact, to attempt to build better ones. Either they could perform these functions as they take part in the development as a part of the team, or they could build them in independent projects.

Aliro truly attempts to make a futuristic system out of an old idea. It is sort of funny to think of CMS as an old idea, but the truth is that the Internet, and the way we use it, is changing. Gone are the days of old CMS systems like many of us are used to. Rising instead are systems like Aliro.


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