Your Simple Guide To Web Hosting

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Your Simple Guide To Web Hosting


Web hosting is one of the hottest industries out there. If you have no idea what web hosting is all about, you are at the right place because this article might just be what you need to understand the web hosting world. If you have questions wandering in your head, read on and you might just be able to find some answers.

So, web hosting is a kind of service where website owners use to host their websites on the internet. They buy or lease server space from a hosting provider where they place the content of their website. This server will have internet connection connected to it in order to display your website online. When someone comes to your website address, the internet will download the information from this web server and display it on the monitor of your visitor. The server space comes in various sizes. Think of it as online property where there can be small houses, big houses, condominiums or even mansion. So, this is web hosting in a nutshell.

Next, you need to learn that there are various types of web hosting available out there today. Let us take a quick look at them.

-Free Web Hosting
This method of hosting do not require the website owner to pay any sort of fees but what they can get in their hosting account will be very limited. Due to the fact that it is free, there are many disadvantages like not having a unique domain name as users will have to bear the providers name in their domain name. Also, users will have limited tools to build and maintain their website.

-Shared Hosting
The most common method of hosting a website is this method. Users will have to pay a small amount of fee for this type of service. Like what the name implies, users will share a server along with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. It has its advantages and disadvantages but this method of hosting is most affordable for individuals that want to create a website and do some serious activities online.

-Dedicated Hosting
Moving up one level is the dedicated hosting. In this hosting environment, users will pay for the entire server. This means that there are no other websites sharing the server with them. This means that they will be able to get higher bandwidth, disk space and better security. However, the amount needed to obtain this sort of hosting service is considerably much higher than a shared hosting deal. Therefore, this solution is usually used by large corporations.

-Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server
This hosting method is a method where a server space is divided into several spaces. Users of this type of hosting are actually buying their own dedicated server space. Therefore, it performs just as well like a dedicated server hosting but costs much less.

The type of hosting a user choose will ultimately be decided by the type of online activity they are aiming on the internet, if you are planning to start a blog about food, shared hosting deal might be sufficient. We are not saying that you cannot go for a dedicated server. You can but do you need that much amount of resources? So, the choice is really up to the user to decide.


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